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Bellows Breath


Promotes a Sense of Well Being and Clarifies the Mind

*Stand Tall with Feet Sholder Width Apart,Arms Straight in Front, Palms Should be Together at Your Chest.  Crown of Head Reaching Towards the Sky.

*Open Your Mouth and Inhale as You Raise Your Arms Open and Back, Bending Your Wrists, so That Your Fingertips will Point Away From You.  Lift Your Chin.

*Exhale Completely. Tuck Your Chin and your Tailbone, Round the back, bend at waist and knees, bring Hands Together in Front of Heart on Chest.

Open Yourself Completely to the Fullness of Life...

*Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program including this one. You should consult your healthcare provider before beginning or attempting any breathing techniques, as listed anywhere on our website. Lose Your Mind Fitness and Yoga will not be held responsible or held liable for any injures. Practice these at your own risk. By visiting and viewing our website, you agree to these terms. Please consult your dr before trying anything on our site or anywhere online for your safety.*

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