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Alternate Nostril Breathing

(Nadi Shodhana)

 This Breathing Technique has a History in Yoga and Has Been Thought to Harmonize and Bring Balance to the Two Hemispheres of the Brain.  

Calms and Centers the mind.

May Help to Become Balanced,  Calm and Serene...

*From a Seated Position, Place the Middle Finger of Your Right Hand Gently on Your Forehead; Your Thumb Gently Rests on Your Right Nostril, While Your Ring and Baby Fingers Rest Gently on to Your Left Nostril.

*Inhale and Exhale...Now Close your Right Nostil Gently with Your Thumb; and Inhale Slowly Through Left Nostril for 5 Seconds.

*Close Both Nostrils, and Hold Breath for 5 Seconds.

*Lift Thumb and Exhale for 5 Seconds Though Your Right Nostril.

*Inhale Right Nostril, Hold, Close Right Nostril, Exhale Left Nostril


*Disclaimer: Please consult your physician before starting any exercise program including this one.  You should consult your healthcare provider before beginning or attempting any breathing techniques, as listed anywhere on our website.  Lose Your Mind Fitness and Yoga will not be held responsible or held liable for any injures.  Practice these at your own risk.  By visiting and viewing our website, you agree to these terms.  Please consult your dr before trying anything on our site or anywhere online for your safety.*

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